• Future Daze is a puzzle game set in the far future, the game allows the player to traverse to the future (record actions that the player has done) and rewind time in-order to complete each level.
  • Please tell me if you face any bugs. keep in mind that this is my first released unity project.
  • A, D, Left, Right - To move left and right.
  • Space - To Jump.
  • E- To start recording (traverse to the future), when releasing E the time rewinds automatically.
  • move an object after pressing E to record its movement (fast-forward), and press E again to move the object back to its position before the recording (rewind).
  • It's a game about a girl that attempts to cheat on an upcoming exam by traveling to the future and retrieving the exam's answers!!


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Loved the game bruh 8/10. BTW was that morse code in the background?

thank you!
It could be morse code.. who knows?  >:)

i like this game, I won 2 IQ with him,  thanks

woah! Absolutely EPIC. 

what a nice game require a real human smarty brain, i loved it <3

thank you!